Danny Reinberg

Danny Reinberg, PhD
Terry and Mel Karmazin Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Smilow Research Center, Room 213
552 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016
Lab: 212-263-9033
Email: Danny.Reinberg@nyumc.org

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Epigenetics, Transcription, Chromatin, Noncoding RNAs, Ants, Stem Cells


Graduate Education:  1982: Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Albert Einstein Col. Of Med.   
Postdoctoral Training:  1982: UC Berkeley, California
1983: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1985: The Rockefeller University
Academic Appointments:

1985: Assistant professor in Biochemistry, SUNY at Stony Brook
1986: Assistant professor in Biochemistry, RWJMS at UMDNJ
1990: Associate professor in Biochemistry, RWJMS at UMDNJ
1992: Professor in Biochemistry, RWJMS at UMDNJ
1994: Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
2002: Distinguished Professor, RWJMS at UMDNJ
2006: Professor in Biochemistry, NYU School of Medicine
2016: Terry and Mel Karmazin Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
2017:  International Blaise Pascal Chair at Curie Institute, Paris, France

The Reinberg lab investigates the regulation of gene expression in higher eukaryotes, with particular attention to the role of chromatin structure and processes that regulate it, which are fundamental for the epigenetic inheritance of transcriptional states. In recent years our research has focused on chromatin-modifying complexes and the means by which they are
recruited to target sites on the genome thus establishing distinct cell identities. Recent work has unveiled a key and complex role of non-coding RNAs in these processes. Finally, a separate but related research projects aims at establishing the social insects ants as model system for epigenetic research.


Lynne Vales, Assistant Professor
Michele Giunta, Laboratory Coordinator
Heike Pelka, Lab Manager III
Nicholas Descostes, Postdoctoral Fellow
Thelma Escobar, Postdoctoral Fellow
Rais Ahmad Ganai, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jeffrey Granat, Graduate Student
Deborah Hernandez, Lab Technician II
Chul-Hwan Lee, Postdoctoral Fellow
Alexandra Leibholz, Technician
Sanxiong Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow
Ozgur Oksuz, Graduate Assistant
Comzit Opachaloemphan, Graduate Assistant
Havva Ortabozkoyun, Graduate Assistant
Ricardo Saldana-Meyer, Postdoctoral Fellow
James Stafford, Postdoctoral Fellow
Hua Yan, Postdoctoral Fellow
Huan Yang, Research Associate
Jia-Ray Yu, Postdoctoral Fellow