Drew Jones

Drew Jones, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology and Radiation Oncology
Director, Metabolomics Core Resource Laboratory
Alexandria Center for Life Sciences, West Tower, 635
430 East 29th Street, New York, NY10016
Office: 646-501-2054
Lab:  646-501-2097
Email:  Drew.Jones@nyumc.org

Metabolomics, Mass Spectrometry, Alzheimer's Disease, Yeast Metabolism


Graduate Education:  PhD in Biochemistry at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (2011)
Postdoctoral Training:  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (2011-2016)
Academic Appointments: 2017: Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, NYU School of Medicine
2017: Director, Metabolomics Core Resource Laboratory, NYU School of Medicine
2017: Adjunct Professor, Radiation Oncology, NYU School of Medicine


My laboratory is focused on the development and application of metabolomics technology for global untargeted analyses with mass spectrometry.  Reliable identification of metabolites in untargeted experiments is a major bottle neck for the field.  To address this challenge, I have developed a method called Metabolome Identification by Systematic Stable Isotope Labeling Experiments (MISSILE) which can determine the chemical formula of any metabolite de novo, greatly improving the confidence of such annotations.  Biologically, this method is being applied to the study of stress response in yeast and in disease states such as Alzheimer's.