Evgeny Nudler

Evgeny Nudler, Ph.D.
Julie Wilson Anderson Professor
Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Alexandria Building
450 E. 29th Street, New York, NY 10016
Office: 212-263-7431
Lab: 212-263-7342
Email: evgeny.nudler@nyumc.org
Lab Website

RNA polymerase, Transcription, Stress response, Heat Shock, NO, H2S, Bacterial resistance, Aging mechanisms.


Graduate Education:  PhD in Biochemistry at the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Moscow, Russia (1995)
 Postdoctoral Training:  Public Health Research Institute (1995-1997)
Academic Appointments: 1997: Assistant professor in Biochemistry
2003: Associate professor in Biochemistry
2005: Professor in Biochemistry
2008: Julie W. Anderson Professor in Biochemistry
Major Responsibilities: Co-Director of the Honor Program Lectures, Tenure Committees, Graduates Advisor, etc…


Work in our lab covers a wide range of topics on gene regulation and stress response in prokaryotic and eukaryotic species. Current major research areas include:


  • Transcriptional mechanisms (particularly elongation and termination)
  • Mechanisms of bacterial resistance to stress and antibiotics
  • Mechanisms of the heat shock response
  • Bacteria-host interaction and aging mechanisms (C. elegans as a model system)

See: http://nudlerlab.info/


Ekaterina Avetisova, Lab Manager/ Senior Research Scientist
Bradley Benjamin, Research Associate
Binod Bharati, Postdoctoral Fellow
Yiva Ekdahl, Postdoctoral Fellow
Vitaly Epshtein, Research Scientist
Laurent Gautier, Technician
Ivan Gusarov, Res. Assistant Professor
Lamia Harper, Graduate Assistant
Venu Kamarthapu, Post-doc
Lyly Luhachack, Graduate Assistant
Criseyda Martinez, Graduate Assistant
Katelyn McGary, PhD student
Bibhusita Pani, Post-doc
Andrew Pollock, Post-doc
Aviram Rasouly, Post-doc
Ilya Shamovsky, Senior Research Scientist
Krishnamurthy Shankarling, Research Scientist
Konstantin Shatalin, Res. Assistant Professor
Olga Smolentseva, PhD student
Vladimir Svetlov, Post-doc