Alan B. Frey, PhD

Associate Professor; Department of Cell Biology

Course director of Tutorial in Cell Biology, Introduction to Immunology, Special Topics in Immunology, Advanced Cell Biology and Readings in Molecular Oncology. Director of Basic Science Faculty Mentoring.

Cell Biology




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550 First Avenue
Medical Science Building
Floor 6, Room 623
New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-263-8139

Regulation of T cell immune responses in autoimmune diabetes and cancer

Elimination of diabetogenic CD8+ T cells in autoimmune diabetes. The goal of this project is to identify novel antigens that elicit T cell immune response that kill pancreatic beta cells. Once identified we will use that knowledge to design biological reagents to eliminate those T cells specifically, leaving the body's remaining immune cells intact. We intend to eliminate the T cells that cause disease therein creating an environment that is more suitable for islet replacement or the natural regeneration of islet cells.

Tumor-induced defective CTL lytic function. The goals of this project are to determine the mechanistic basis for inhibition of cytolytic granule exocytosis in CD8+ T cells that infiltrate a murine model of primary cancer. Our long-term goal is to define the mechanism by which tumors escape elimination by the immune response which will have implications for the rational design of effective immunotherapeutic tools for treatment of cancer as well as contribute to our understanding of how antitumor T cell response is regulated during tumor growth.