George Miller, MD

Associate Professor; Departments of Surgery (General Surgery FGP) and Cell Biology

S. Arthur Localio Laboratory

Cell Biology





Contact Information

450 East 29th Street
Alexandria Building
Floor 8, Room 828
New York, NY 10016

Tel: 646-501-2208

Research Summary

Our primary interests pertain to studying tumor immunology in cancers of the liver and pancreas. Our current projects include: (1) Understanding the role of resident hepatic myeloid dervied suppressor cells in regulating immune suppression within the liver in tumor bearing animals and facilitating the development of hepatic metastases. (2) We are studying the phenotypic and functional modification of tumor infiltrating dendritic cells in liver and pancreas cancer. (3) We are studying the direct immune modulating effects tumor infiltrating of myeloid derived suppressor cells on antigen presentation. (4) A long term project of our laboratory is to understand the alterations in immune function in states of hepatic cirrhosis and inflammation. Our lab is funded by grants from the National Institiutes of Health, the American Liver Foundation, the National Pancreas Foundation, and the Society of University Surgeons.