Faculty members Dennis Cardone, DO, and Warren Young, MD, are happy to announce a new clinical initiative for our young patients: the Center for Young Athletes.

This newly established program provides orthopaedic care for children and adolescents involved in competitive sports. The goal of the Center is to safely return kids to the playing field as quickly as possible, whether the patient has suffered a serious fracture or just a simple overuse injury. In addition, Dr. Cardone and Dr. Young are willing to work with families and coaches to make sure that student athletes are performing to the best of their abilities in a safe environment.

“We believe that adult athletes are not the only ones who need specialized sports medicine care,” says Dr. Young. “Dr. Cardone and I are committed to helping young athletes prevent injuries, maximize performance and also manage some of the most common medical issues that arise in sports care such as sprains, concussions and asthmarelated complications.”

The Center is a collaborative program of the Divisions of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery and Primary Sports Medicine as well as the Pediatric Physical Therapy Department. For more information call 877-YNG-ATHL (964-2845) or e-mail Dr. Warren Young at