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Center for the Investigation of Environmental Hazards Facility Cores Environmental Health Statistics & Bioinformatics Facility Core

Environmental Health Statistics & Bioinformatics Facility Core

The Environmental Health Statistics and Bioinformatics Facility Core is designed to provide state-of-the-art statistical and bioinformatics support and collaboration to all members of NYU Langone’s Center for the Investigation of Environmental Hazards. Core members develop statistical methodologies that are central to new directions in laboratory-based and epidemiological environmental health research. The core provides consistent storage, visualization, analysis, and integration of data from multiple sources of multiomics high-throughput data and other domains.

We provide integrated and consistent access to a wide range of public databases. Core experts consult and collaborate on statistics and bioinformatics, with special emphasis on new research initiatives that include design and analysis of pilot studies and development of applications for peer-reviewed funding, as well as on the introduction of new methods to meet the evolving research needs of center investigators.

Core Leadership

Judith D. Goldberg, ScD, is director of the Environmental Health Statistics and Bioinformatics Facility Core, and David Fenyö, PhD, serves as co-director. Other members of our leadership team include Yongzhao Shao, PhD, and Mengling Liu, PhD.

Services for Center Investigators

Our core collaborates in the design, analysis, and interpretation of research studies conducted by center investigators. We develop new research initiatives and applications for peer-reviewed funding to support short-term research projects.

We also provide bioinformatics and biostatistics consultation and collaboration for center investigators for laboratory, translational, and population-based research. Our core integrates workflows using a consistent process for high-throughput data analysis including the following services:

  • quality control
  • data preprocessing
  • library annotation
  • integration of data across clinical and other data domains
  • data storage to produce datasets for collaborative analysis to facilitate research based on high-dimensional data
  • public access databases
  • biomarker studies employing current and emerging technologies
  • multiomics data integration

We contribute to innovative statistical and bioinformatics methods and approaches. We can support design and analysis of laboratory, translational, and population-based studies of the effects of environmental exposures over time. These incorporate statistical genetics, genomics, and epigenetics as well as analysis of high-dimensional, high-throughput data from the genome, proteome, metabolome, and microbiome.

We also train center investigators in statistical and bioinformatics methods.

Contact Us

For additional information, contact Dr. Goldberg at jd.goldberg@nyulangone.org or 646-501-3643. You can also contact Bernice Townsend, assistant to Dr. Goldberg, at bernice.townsend@nyulangone.org or 646-501-3416.