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Regenerative Medicine Program

We discover and develop new ways to repair and regrow damaged tissues, limbs, and organs.

Functional limb and organ regeneration is the next frontier of biomedicine. Researchers in the Regenerative Medicine Program at NYU Langone Health have the expertise and vision to use cutting-edge bioengineering tools to develop therapies that profoundly improve the lives of patients.

The aim of our program is to find clinically viable solutions to known regenerative medicine problems by exploring every potential avenue, including engineered tissues, precision biomaterials, and reprogrammed stem cells.

We build collaborations between scientists and physicians from departments across NYU Langone to ensure that our research is informed by patients’ needs and translates from the lab to clinical practice. Our current research programs include efforts to regrow entire bone segments, regenerate skin with its appendages and understand the molecular basis for limb regeneration, and we are leading dozens of clinical trials to ensure the efficacy of promising new treatments.

We are also committed educators, and mentor the next generation of pioneering investigators.

Regenerative medicine is rapidly advancing, and our team of acclaimed researchers is versed in the latest methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies such as single-cell transcriptomics, metabolomics, and proteomics. As innovators and specialists, we are well positioned to advance the field and transform healthcare.


Our scientists are renowned for their basic, translational, and clinical research programs.


Earn a PhD while performing hands-on research in our labs.


Our faculty are recognized for advancing the field of regenerative medicine.