Federally Funded Grants and Contracts

Understanding Hospital Readmission Rates: Patient, Hospital, and Community Effects - Dr. Leora Horwitz

Readmissions are common, costly and often detrimental to patients, and there is now intense national and local focus on reducing readmission rates and in increasing coordination of care. The proposed AHRQ-funded work will advance our understanding of hospital readmissions through the study of characteristics of patients, hospitals and communities associated with readmissions, determining whether associations differ by clinical conditions, and examining the impact of federal and local efforts to reduce readmissions, using quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results of this work will enable clinicians, hospitals, and policymakers to improve healthcare delivery for all patients.

NYU Patient Imaging Quality and Safety Laboratory (PIQS Lab) - Dr. Leora Horwitz

The PIQS Lab is a new “patient safety learning laboratory” funded by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. PIQS Lab is a multidisciplinary collaboration led by New York University School of Medicine’s Division of Healthcare Delivery Science, housed in the Department of Population Health, and the NYU School of Medicine Department of Radiology. The purpose of this $4 million project is to be a dynamic learning environment focused on improving safety and outcomes for radiology patients. PIQS Lab will connect experienced clinicians in the NYU Departments of Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Medicine, Orthopedics, Surgery and Urology with operations, human factors and management experts at NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC), the NYU Wagner School of Public Policy, and NYU Stern School of Business; and with design experts at the world-famous design firm IDEO. Together, we will comprehensively redesign our systems to improve the quality and safety of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology through three synergistic projects.

Greater NYC Practice Transformation Network - Dr. Leora Horwitz

The Greater New York City Practice Transformation Network will support approximately 1,800 clinicians to expand their quality improvement capacity, learn from one another, and achieve common goals of improved care, better health, and reduced cost. To help participating clinicians transform outpatient care, the network will provide guidance and support to practices, beginning with foundational stages of leadership engagement and team-based care and moving towards advanced stages of population management, care coordination, and patient and community engagement.

Health Information Technology in Heart Failure Care - Dr. Saul Blecker

Patients with heart failure are hospitalized three million times annually for other causes and are at high risk of post-discharge readmission and mortality. Such poor outcomes are, in part, because these patients are less likely to receive guideline recommended care than patients who are hospitalized primarily for heart failure. The purpose of this study is to leverage health information technology to improve quality of care and outcomes for hospitalized patients with heart failure. We will develop electronic health record (EHR) algorithms to rapidly identify such patients while in the hospital and develop a novel system of reminders to ensure patients receive guideline recommended care. Finally, we will test whether these interventions improve care and reduce readmissions.