NYULMC Projects

Value-Based Management Evaluation

An evaluation of Value Based Management efforts at NYULMC, in which a task force assembled by the Dean/CEO and comprised of senior leadership, led by the CMO, identified opportunity areas and developed roadmaps to implement solutions. Areas of focus include blood transfusion, imaging, ancillary services, ICU throughput, and care pathways.

Bundled Payment Evaluation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched the Bundle Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative in January 2013. The BPCI initiative aggregates Medicare payments to hospitals, physicians, and other providers into a single episode with the goal of reducing healthcare expenditures and improving the coordination of care. The purpose of our study is to examine the effects of the BPCI program at NYULMC on BPCI enrollees and the spillover effects of the BPCI-related interventions on other patient groups. We hypothesize that the BPCI program resulted in reduced healthcare expenditures, and in particular, reduce post-acute care utilization, for BPCI enrollees and non-enrolled patients who were admitted to NYULMC and exposed to the same physicians and care teams as the BPCI participants.

Redesigning Pre-Procedure Clearance Prior to Colonoscopy - Dr. Nicole Van Groningen

Our objective is to redesign the pre-procedure clearance protocol before colonoscopy to reduce unnecessary pre-colonoscopy testing.

Automated Surveillance: Detecting Errors in Outpatient Care

This NYU Langone Medical Center project leverages the existing IT infrastructure in efforts to help identify diagnostic errors at NYULMC.