Helen Egger, MD
Chair, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Director, Child Study Center
Arnold Simon Professor

Dr. Egger’s clinical and research specialty area is infant and preschooler mental health, particularly the development and neuroscience of anxiety and mood disorders in children ages two through five.

Jennifer Havens, MD
Vice Chair for Public Psychiatry
​Director and Chief of Service, Bellevue Hospital Center

Dr. Havens oversees New York City’s most comprehensive continuum of mental health services for children and adolescents at the Bellevue Hospital Center and the ACS Children’s Center.


Glenn S. Hirsch, MD
Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs
​Medical Director, Child Study Center

Dr. Hirsch has more than 30 years of experience in treating children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders. He directs a clinical practice with more than 50 clinicians and 28,000 patient visits each year.


Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood, PhD
Vice Chair for Research
Cathy and Stephen Graham Professor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Hoagwood is one of the nation’s leading implementation scientists in child mental health. Her focus is on child, adolescent, and family service outcomes; parent engagement and activation; policy contexts; and quality metrics.


Jess P. Shatkin, MD, MPH
Vice Chair for Education
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Child and Adolescent
   Mental Health (CAMS), NYU College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Shatkin supervises a continuum of medical education programs within the department that include undergraduate college instruction, medical student education, child and adolescent psychiatry residency training, and faculty development and mentorship.

Marnie Higlett
Department Administrator
Marnie manages departmental strategic planning, supports institutional alignment, and oversees operational functions across missions.



Department Representatives

Yamalis Diaz, PhD 
Clinical Assistant Professor 
Director, Diversity and Inclusion 

Dr. Diaz specializes in parenting and school-based behavioral interventions for children with ADHD and disruptive behavior problems. She has varied research interests related to the development, implementation, and acceptability of behavioral strategies across home, school, or social contexts. 

Lori Evans, PhD 
Deputy Director, Clinical Practice 
Director of Training, Psychology 

Dr. Evans’s specialty is ADHD and anxiety mood parent training. In the past, she has been involved in research in preschool ADHD, suicide prevention, as well as infant learning and memory. Currently, Dr. Evans is working on effective supervision and training. 

Ruth S. Gerson, MD 
Director, Children’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Program, Bellevue Hospital Center Leader, Telepsychiatry 

Dr. Gerson specializes in caring for children and teens experiencing mental health crises, such as suicidal thoughts and behaviors or new onset of psychosis. Her research focuses on improving the quality and patient/family experience of emergency psychiatric care for children. 

Dylann Gold, PhD 
Clinical Assistant Professor, Institute for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity & Behavior Disorders and Early Childhood Clinical Service 

Dr. Gold specializes in ADHD, disruptive behavior, anxiety, and mood disorders. Her focus is on parent-based interventions for young children. 


Bruce Hassuk, MD
Associate Executive Director, Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center, Office of Mental Health 
Director, Community Engagement 

Dr. Hassuk specializes in inpatient and acute care. His research interests are service delivery and creating noncoersive programs in inpatient settings.

Aron Janssen, MD
Director, Gender and Sexuality Service
Director, Transgender Program
Co-Director, Pediatric Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Service

Dr. Janssen specializes in working with transgender and gender-nonconforming youth.


Shabana Khan, MD
Director, Child and Adolescent Telepsychiatry

Dr. Khan’s specialties include telemedicine, telepsychiatry, ADHD, and mood and anxiety disorders. Her research interests are telepsychiatry, specifically feasibility, acceptability, and treatment outcomes.


Sarah Kuriakose, PhD
Clinical Director, Autism Spectrum Disorder Research & Clinical Program
Senior Director, Autism and Developmental Neuroscience Center

Dr. Kuriakose’s specialty is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), particularly co-occurring psychiatric issues including OCD and mood disorders. Her research interests include implementationof ASD care in medical and community settings.


R. Eric Lewandowski, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Anita Saltz Institute for Anxiety and Mood
Dr. Lewandowski specializes in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders in teens and children. His research interests include improving the effectiveness of depression treatment for teens, and developing systems to help connect teens to the care they need.


Ron-Li Liaw, MD
Director, Center for Child & Family Resilience Sala ICFCC
Director, Pediatric Psychiatry Consultation Liaison ServiceDirector, Pediatric Integration

Dr. Liaw’s specialties are child psychiatry consultation within pediatric care and integrated care and systems redesign. Her research interests include quality improvement and implementation science, as well as child and family stress, coping, and resilience.


Kyle McGregor, PhD 
Director, Pediatric Mental Health Ethics
Data Director, Technology and Innovation

Dr. McGregor specializes in research at the intersection of bioethics, data science, and adolescent health. His work focuses on developing and utilizing innovative technological strategies to improve the lives of children and families.


Alan Schlechter, MD
Director, Outpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Bellevue Hospital Center
Director, Faculty and Staff Development and Engagement

Dr. Schlechter’s specialty is positive or preventive psychiatry and research interests include positive assessment and how to provide effective outpatient care to underserved populations.


Timothy Verduin, PhD
Director, Institute for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity & Behavior Disorders 
Co-Director, Technology and Innovation

Dr. Verduin specializes in ADHD and disruptive behavior. His research interests are bringing new technology and approaches to clinical care and scientific inquiry.