Community Engagement

The Community Engagement and Population Health Research (CEPHR) Core of the NYU-H+H Clinical and Translational Science Institute is a partnership of community members, researchers, health and social service providers, community-based organizations, academic investigators, and policymakers working to advance research that identifies and disseminates relevant and effective strategies to make people and populations healthier and to reduce and eliminate health inequities. CEPHR's overarching goals are to:

  1. Engage community in all phases of the research process, including: a) identifying research priorities, appropriate methods and outreach strategies; b) collecting data and implementing studies; and c) participating in evaluation and dissemination activities
  2. Advance translational research that promotes widespread dissemination and adoption of evidence-based interventions in real-world healthcare and community settings (sometimes referred to as T3 research)
  3. Develop research that employs methodologies of community-based participatory research, practice-based research, comparative effectiveness research, behavioral economics, and the science of behavior change
  4. Ultimately, promote research that leads to the reduction of health disparities in New York City communities and beyond.

CEPHR promotes community engagement and population health research through numerous activities and services, including:

  1. Consultation Service
  2. Collaborative Translational Pilot Project Initiative offered by the CTSI
  3. Education and Training Initiatives
  4. Research Match, a web-based recruitment registry for clinical research
  5. Resources for H+H Researchers
  6. Seminar Series