Practical work experience in public health programs is an essential part of the training of public health professionals, and provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate, apply, and broaden their public health skills in real-world settings.

The CTSI offers two internship opportunities in partnership with the Center for the Study of Asian American Health (CSAAH). 

  • The Health Disparities Research Training Program (HDRTP) is designed to address training and research gaps within Asian American health. The program provides a unique opportunity for students and health professionals to develop and implement a community-based research project, as well learn strategies to analyze, compile, and disseminate results for academic and policy communities.
  • The Center Student Investigator Program (CSI) provides training, outreach, and research opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills to address Asian American health disparities.  Through their internship experience students will receive trainings through seminars which aim to provide an understanding of culturally and linguistically appropriate approaches to research, outreach, community partnerships, and care delivery in Asian American populations.  Center Student Investigators will have the opportunity to develop skills such as survey design, data collection and analysis, and asset mapping which they can apply through activities such as community health needs assessments and windshield tours.  They will also have opportunities to network with other health professionals and learn about the various opportunities that one can have in the health field.

For more information about CSAAH training opportunities please contact Lynna Zhong at