Resources for NYC Health + Hospitals Researchers

The CTSI exists to help support the development of clinical and translational research in the NYU and NYC Health + Hospitals systems.  For NYC Health + Hospitals faculty seeking to conduct research, the CTSI may be able to offer support, ranging from logistics of IRB submission and advice on study design through to data analysis and interpretation.  Generally speaking, some types of support are accessed through NYU (e.g. study design, implementation and analysis) and other types are offered by NYC Health + Hospitals directly (e.g. IRB, H+H approval, data requests).  Below, we provide an abbreviated list of the types of support and services available through NYU for the CTSI:

For help with NYU-based services:

All inquires will be fielded by Antoinette Schoenthaler, EdD, Co-Director, Community Engagement & Population Health Research, NYU-H+H CTSI. Please contact Dr. Schoenthaler directly with any questions.