Consultation Service

Consultations are made available through the CTSI in a number of different areas. While brief in scope, these can provide valuable input in developing a research protocol.

Consultation in Biomedical and Clinical Research Informatics (CHIBI)

  • The Best Practices Integrative Consulting Service (BPIC) of the Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics in collaboration with, and sponsorship from, the NYU-H+H CTSI, offers a consulting clinic for investigators that need help in areas of informatics. Consultations are offered by expert informatics faculty and have led to numerous successes including improvements in methodology and publications. To learn more about this service; please click on the following link: CHIBI Consultation Service.

Consultation in Biostatistics  and Study Design

  • This CTSI service provides statistical consultations to all clinical and translational science investigators. These consults allow investigators to seek expert advice from a qualified Biostatistician on areas such as experimental design, protocol development, data analysis and interpretation of results. Past consults have led to approved protocols, successful grant applications, and the publishing of manuscripts. To learn more about this service, please click on the following link Biostatistics Consultation Service

Consultation in Community Engagement and Population Health Research (CEPHR)

  • The CEPHR Core of the CTSI provides guidance and consultation on a variety of methods/approaches in community-engaged and population health to researchers across the translational spectrum.  Community engagement can play a vital role in articulating the value of research to community members, potential research participants and investigators.  In addition, identifying community leaders, securing community buy-in and establishing open lines of communication with key stakeholders can help improve recruitment and retention in a variety of types of research, including but not limited to, clinical trials.  CEPHR can also arrange for consultation in a wide array of additional areas of emphasis including community-based participatory research, practice-based research, comparative effectiveness research, cost-effectiveness analysis, behavioral economics, and implementation and dissemination research. To learn more, please click on the following link: CEPHR Consultation Service

If you are interested in receiving consultancy services in any one of these areas, please fill out the Service Request Form.