Research Services

The CTSI provides a wide range of resources and services to support clinical and translational research. Click below to learn more about each category.

Research Guidance

  • Clinical Investigator Development
  • Expert Consultation
  • In-depth Research Studio
  • Participant Recruitment
  • Regulatory Support
  • Research Concierge

Research Resources

  • Clinical Research Center
  • Data Catalog
  • DataCore
  • Data Management
  • Discovery Informatics
  • Human Specimen Resource Center
  • Research Match

Funding & Support Opportunities

  • CTSI Pilot Grants
  • CTSI Research Services
  • Funding
  • H+H Pilot Grants
  • Other Sources of Support

Support for Collaboration & Team Science

  • Community Engagement
  • Find Collaborators
  • Science Interest Groups
  • Team Science Development & Support
  • Translation Research In Progress Seminars

Investigator Acknowledgement

Investigators planning to apply for NYU-H+H CTSI support should be aware that it is a requirement that all publications or media resulting from the utilization of its resources credit the CTSI grant by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgment and complying with NIH Public Access Policy.