Resource Allocation Voucher Program (RAV)

Application Deadlines: first Friday of every month, except August


The Services and Resource Allocation Voucher Program (RAV) is intended to provide support and offer resources/services that are available within the CTSI. Studies requiring use of any of the CTSI cores (e.g. Clinical Research Center, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics), beyond the initial consultation services, must apply through this mechanism. For a complete list of CTSI resources/services offered, please click on the following link: Research Resources.


Who’s Eligible: all investigators at the NYU School of Medicine, the College of Dentistry, the College of Nursing, Schools at the Washington Square Campus, the Tandon School of Engineering, and members of Health and Hospitals (H+H) with NYU faculty appointments or who are working in partnership with one or more NYU faculty investigators. Eligible applicants include all faculty members, post-doctoral research fellows, and clinical fellows. Junior investigators may require mentorship approval.

Who’s Not Eligible: Students and Residents

Award Administration

  • International projects and expenses are not eligible for CTSI support 
  • Renewal submissions are required every year for all RAV application types
  • An awarded study can be supported by only one CTSI funding mechanism at a time


There are two types of RAV applications at this time:

  • Purchase of Service: If you have existing funding for your study that will be used to fully pay for CTSI resources/services
  • Voucher Request: For studies that need a supplement for an existing budget 

To apply for any of the above, please click on the following link: Application Instructions. First, however, contact the CTSI Provider you require resources/services from to obtain a quote and feasibility status.

Investigators may submit an application at any time. Projects will be reviewed  by the Voucher Review Committee (VRC). For review, the application deadlines are the first Friday of the month (except for August). 

Important Notes

  • Proposals involving human subjects or experimental animals must obtain approval from the IRB or IACUC before funding can begin, but need not be approved prior to applying. 
  • The CTSI requires that satisfactory plans are described for participant-protection, biostatistics and informatics; and highly encourages investigators to consult with biostatistics, informatics, and the research safety office in developing these plans. Not only are these essential for research success but they are also subject to federal regulations.