Research Studio

This CTSI service offers clinical investigators an opportunity to present their protocols and manuscripts in development for review and critique prior to submission to funding agencies or to journals.  Research Studios are also available for Basic Science faculty members who would like to develop translational projects. The Research Studios do not replace ongoing mentoring relationships or specific detailed consultations with other cores such as Study Design, Biostatistics, or Bioinformatics, but are designed to augment these consultations.

Each Research Studio consists of a one-to-two-hour-long session during which an investigator will present a brief summary of a proposed study to a select group of faculty. Prior to the presentation, the protocol or manuscript should have been provided to the faculty panel so that the panel members can better prepare and critique it. In addition to a standing committee of senior faculty, the panel may also include ad hoc reviewers with relevant expertise.  

To request a Research Studio please fill out the Service Request Form.

For questions, please contact Keith Brown.