Data Management

The CTSI is dedicated to making sure that the data management and security of the data collected in the projects it supports meet Federal, State and NYULMC minimum standards. All Investigators are strongly encouraged to use the data management software provided by NYULMC Research IT. The software provides HIPAA-compliance for PHI and data security for both clinical and basic science research data.

Before applying for CTSI support, investigators are strongly encouraged to consult with the Clinical Research Informatics and Data Integrity Monitoring Service, which provides FREE consultations to CTSI investigators developing research proposals, plus a written report summarizing its recommendations for inclusion in the support application.

The informatics tools available to help investigators manage research data include Velos, REDCap and Embedded SharePoint. The Laboratory Information System LIMS is also available.  Different projects have different needs; the respective benefits of each package are described on the links provided.

The Health Sciences Library here at NYULMC made an illustrative cartoon that is fun to watch and which highlights not so uncommon pitfalls in data sharing. Please click on the following link to view the short video: Data Sharing and Management.

If you need help with data management and/or sharing, please request a Data Management Consult via the Service Request Form.