Research Match

What is ResearchMatch? is a research volunteer registry service, developed as part of a NIH/NCATS CTSA consortium, that can help match researchers nationwide with volunteers who would like to participate in research.  Please take a moment to watch the short introductory video.

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Any member of the NYU-H+H CTSI can sign up!

If you are a member of the NYU-H+H CTSI (NYU School/CollegeH+H Institution) you may utilize the registry to search the non-identifiable profiles (age, gender, race, health status, medications, etc.) of potential volunteers. A researcher may access the registry to conduct either a feasibility search (view aggregate data in order to generate a hypothesis or explore recruitment potential for a study) or to recruit for an IRB approved study.

How do I sign up?

Go to the website and register for researcher feasibility access now. To use the registry to recruit for a specific study you must obtain IRB approval. First, create a ResearchMatch contact message with the template found HERE. Then follow IRB submission guidelines. If you have any questions, contact the institutional liaison (see below) for NYULMC-specific instructions.

For more information about or assistance with ResearchMatch, please complete the Service Request Form

To register for the next ResearchMatch Researcher Training Session, please click here.

To contact your ResearchMatch Institutional Liaison, please e-mail