Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Program Overview

As medical and surgical technology evolves, physicians in the field of cardiothoracic surgery need an increasingly complex skill set. Residency programs must produce physicians who are traditionally educated, thoroughly knowledgeable, and trained in the most advanced technological approaches necessary to compete in today’s environment.

Beginning in 2007, NYU Medical Center’s Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Program will offer an expanded 3-year training program, building on the current 2-year program’s rotations and educational goals to help residents develop expanded skill sets and better preparation to practice cardiothoracic surgery. In the 3-year program, residents specialize in cardiothoracic (CT) surgery or thoracic surgery.

One resident is accepted to each track per year. Depending on the track they choose, residents complete the program credentialed to perform interventional stent graft therapy, minimally invasive valve surgery, surgical ventricular restoration, major complex thoracic surgery, multimodality therapies, minimally invasive techniques for both lung and esophageal surgery, and clinical trials.