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Alzheimer’s Disease Center Alzheimer’s Disease Center Education

Alzheimer’s Disease Center Education

NYU Langone’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center hosts regular events throughout the year for patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. We also offer clinical assessment tools for healthcare professionals.

Caregiver Helpline

The Caregiver Helpline aids people who care for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. This service is provided by the psychosocial core of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center and its core leader, Mary S. Mittelman, DrPH.

The Caregiver Helpline can be reached at 212-263-5728.

Clinical Tools for Healthcare Professionals

The Alzheimer’s Disease Center has developed several clinical tools to aid healthcare professionals when diagnosing a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Among these tools is The Alzheimer’s Health Care Handbook: How to Get the Best Medical Care for Your Relative with Alzheimer’s Disease, in and out of the Hospital by Mary S. Mittelman, DrPH, and Cynthia Epstein, ACSW (New York: Marlowe & Company; 2003).