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About the Department of Pathology Pathology Job Opportunities

Pathology Job Opportunities

In NYU Langone’s Department of Pathology, we are always striving to expand our team by bringing in new talent.

Faculty Positions

We’re looking for pathologists to join our dynamic faculty. Browse a list of available positions below. You can also see an up-to-date list of faculty job opportunities at NYU Langone.

Faculty Position in Immunology and Ion Channels—October 1, 2020

We invite applicants for a faculty position at the assistant or associate professor level in the research field of immunology and ion channels. We seek candidates with a research background in various aspects of ion channel function including physiology or structure and immunology. The successful candidate will join the Ion Channels and Transporters in Immunity Research Program and is expected to participate in program activities.

Learn more about the faculty position in immunology and ion channels and how to apply.

Assistant and Associate Professor Positions in Immunology—October 1, 2020

We are hiring tenure-track faculty in immunology at the assistant or associate professor levels. Candidates with interest in high-dimensional approaches, computational analysis, and imaging of immune responses are particularly encouraged to apply.

Learn more about the assistant and associate professor positions in immunology and how to apply.

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

Postdoctoral fellows play an integral role in our research labs, and many of our investigators are actively recruiting.

If you're interested in postdoctoral research, please email the principal investigator directly.

Research Staff Positions

We seek motivated and experienced research staff.

Senior Research Technician, Naik Lab—November 16, 2021

The laboratory of Shruti Naik, PhD, seeks a senior research technician to perform lab duties under general supervision as well as more advanced duties under direct supervision. The technician assists senior and supervisory technicians in all advanced procedures, and may be required to take responsibility for all procedures in the absence of the principal investigator or scientist.

Job responsibilities include the following:

  • recognize problems as they occur, and through the application of appropriate policy and procedure, determine and/or recommend the appropriate solution
  • seek guidance as necessary for the performance of duties, ask appropriate questions when in doubt, and utilize reference sources and materials to ensure accuracy
  • advise appropriate personnel of situations and problems requiring intervention or follow-up attention
  • cooperate, communicate, and relate well to NYU Langone colleagues at all levels
  • listen carefully to others in order to respond appropriately, answer questions, or obtain needed information in an effective manner
  • maintain the confidentiality of all research information
  • assist in implementing new procedures and protocols to support experiments
  • participate in developing, recommending, and implementing new approved procedures or modifications to existing protocols and procedures
  • maintain and update technical knowledge
  • assist with the ordering and tracking of laboratory supplies
  • perform routine technical tasks and assist in the general maintenance of the lab, such as preparing stock reagents and maintaining inventory of the lab’s supplies
  • demonstrate knowledge of general techniques in biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell culture, and participate in standard lab experiments
  • coordinate the repair and preventative maintenance of lab equipment
  • assist in experiments using established protocols and procedures, and record results of experiments
  • perform all general and advanced procedures within the lab with minimal supervision
  • assist in the planning of experiments as well as in the interpretation of results
  • instruct and provide guidance to junior-level lab staff in analysis and interpretation of the results of experiments
  • participate and perform other related duties as required

Minimum qualifications include the following:

  • BS in life sciences or a related field with three years of experience
  • specialization in three or more laboratory procedures is required
  • a solid foundation in basic lab protocols as well as significant experience in areas such as procedures is essential and required
  • knowledge and experience in specific areas such as biochemistry, histology, molecular biology, and immunology

Please email Stefanie Castanza at if you are interested in this position.

Administrative Staff Positions

Experienced administrators are integral to keeping our complex operations running smoothly.

Clinical Lab Technician—February 23, 2022

The Department of Pathology seeks a Faculty Group Practice (FGP) clinical lab tech to perform cytological laboratory procedures pursuant to established and approved protocols which require limited exercise of independent judgment. Duties are performed under the supervision of manager of a cytopathology laboratory.

Job responsibilities include the following:

  • reconcile cytology specimens to ensure proper testing is performed; verify that specimens are correctly labeled with two identifiers
  • place orders for cytospins, thinpreps, and cell blocks, and track to completion including transport to and from Tisch Hospital’s cytopathology and histology laboratories
  • perform all staining protocols including differential stain and modified rapid Pap stain
  • prepare specimens for all types of special stains
  • maintains all stains, reagents, and instruments of the laboratory; maintain all daily, weekly, and monthly logs
  • assist pathologists with all fine-needle aspiration procedures

Minimum qualifications include the following:

  • New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) license as a certified clinical laboratory histotechnician, histotechnologist, clinical laboratory technician, or clinical laboratory technologist
  • associate’s degree from a relevant course of study as defined by New York State clinical laboratory licensing requirements
  • a high school degree will only be accepted if the individual has the designated experience defined by NYSDOH and has obtained their license through the grandparenting pathway defined by NYSDOH.
  • 6 to 12 months experience in a pathology laboratory is required
  • exposure to and knowledge of computer systems
  • American Society for Clinical Pathology certification as an histotechnician or histotechnologist
  • good communication skills

Please email Marie-Ange Exilhomme at if you are interested in applying for this position.

Financial Analyst—February 15, 2022

The financial analyst manages and coordinates all aspects of charge submission and accounts receivable in defined FGP(s), oversees practice operations as they relate to the aforementioned, and implements change where necessary. The analyst prepares financial and/or operational analyses and reports and audits current procedures to monitor and improve efficiency of operations. The analyst reviews and advises physicians and staff regarding local and national coding and reimbursement policies.

Job responsibilities include the following:

  • responsible for advising physicians, management, and staff of local and national coding and documentation policies
  • update all fee charges and procedural codes on a timely basis
  • compose information in a clear and well-written manner
  • review monthly financial reports on a timely basis
  • generate MSS transactions and review confidential payroll items
  • prepare status and ad-hoc reports
  • work with the billing company to review and resolve denial issues
  • prepare weekly utilization reports summarizing volumes and charges submitted to the billing company
  • prepare reports and documentation in accordance with practice/FGP guidelines
  • develop payment schedules based on reason, availability of resources, and patients’ ability to pay
  • respond to patient circumstances and explanations based on thorough assessment of situation
  • review daily schedules to verify patient insurance information and MD Benefits
  • explain billing procedures to patients and identify patient responsibilities
  • work with patients and guarantors to clarify financial responsibilities
  • serve as billing coordinator or back-up for FGP practices
  • report to management regularly and request intervention where necessary
  • work with staff to maximize operational efficiency and clearly explain proper work procedures and methods for charge submission and accounts receivable follow-up
  • interact with vendors and independent contractors as it relates to billing and collections
  • review deposits to ensure steady cash flow; reconcile deposits compared to the billing log
  • collaborate with practice personnel and administration to implement changes to practice operations where necessary
  • review office procedures as they relate to charge submission, accounts receivable management, and appropriate internal controls; recommend suggestions, ideas and solutions to improve operational processes
  • serve as a liaison to the outside billing service for questions, data requests, and other inquiries; review charge encounter forms for complete CPT code, ICD-9 code, and other required billing information on a daily basis
  • ensure timely and accurate collection, preparation, and verification of billing information submitted to the outsourced billing service
  • oversee all aspects of correct and timely charge submission and work with the billing company and hospital staff to ensure proper accounts receivable management
  • adhere to general practice and FGP guidelines on compliance issues and patient confidentiality
  • maintain current Certified Procedural Coder (CPC) certificate
  • review resources including (but not limited to): CPT and ICD-9 manuals, payer policy and procedure manuals, and updates and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) publications to ensure practices are compliant with current policies and procedures
  • educate physicians, staff, and management on new policies and changes to existing policies

Minimum qualifications include the following:

  • bachelor’s degree with three to five years of relevant work experience
  • ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • good communication, interpersonal, and computer skills
  • ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with staff and patients
  • detail oriented with high level of accuracy for reviewing charge batch submissions and preparing and presenting analyses
  • stays up to date with industry requirements
  • knowledge of medical terminology is required
  • familiar with standard office equipment

Please contact Stefanie Castanza at if you are interested in this position.

Grants Manager—November 29, 2021

Reporting to the director of finance and administration and the department administrator, the grants manager leads all pre-award processes for the Department of Pathology. This role is responsible for training, supervision, and development of two full-time exempt staff. The grants manager is responsible for all aspects of the departmental pre-award process, and works with faculty and administration to process and review grant applications, maintain a database of applications, manage information systems, and ensure compliance with sponsor terms and regulations as well as institutional policies.

The grants manager also works with departmental finance staff and other administrative staff to perform complex grant administration and certain post-award fiscal management tasks relating to externally sponsored research awards. The grants manager leads the grant preparation and submission process, oversees and supports all aspects of the grants program, and conducts ongoing monitoring and evaluations. The grants manager coordinates activities related to each application, reviews the setup of grant accounts, and manages new awards and continuing grants and/or contracts from a variety of federal, state, and private sources.

Job responsibilities include the following:

  • interface with senior management, program directors, faculty, and other members of the research team to expedite and facilitate the internal processing of proposals
  • assist faculty with grant application planning to ensure applications are submitted on time; develop draft proposal budgets; remain current on institutional and external policies and procedures; create an environment of compliance; and respond in a timely manner to faculty requests for info
  • maintain and enhance the process of tracking existing grant deadlines, status of progress reports, and continuations records for existing grants and contracts; and help ensure continuity of funding (renewals, RFA, etc.)
  • review applications and supporting documentation to ensure compliance with regulatory, sponsor, and funding requirements, which can include the collection of financial disclosures and documentation of Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), and other certifications as needed
    • review National Institutes of Health continuation applications and assist in review of all other applications
    • for progress reports, notify investigators of upcoming deadlines
    • track continuation proposals
    • supervise the entry data for all proposals reviewed and maintain electronic database pertaining to applications
    • ensure budgets are in accord with sponsor policies
    • notify supervisor of changes and recommend action when necessary; and prepare monthly report of continuations activity
  • maintain a current awareness of changes or new federal regulations; maintain familiarity with trends, issues, and advances in grants administration through periodic review of relevant journals or other literature; consult websites of professional organizations (such as the National Council of University Research Administrators and the Society of Research Administrators); readily accept new responsibilities and assignments; and recognize when help is needed by others and offer guidance and assistance
  • for post-award management, review and process sponsor awards for financial and research compliance; review requested actions for compliance with NYU, sponsor, and governmental policies; and assist the principal investigator, research team, and administrative department in attaining appropriate sponsor administrative approvals
  • work closely with the Department of Pathology business office to ensure appropriate account setup, execute necessary changes during the period of performance, and coordinate project closeouts; engage with departments as needed to ensure human subjects (IRB), animal subjects (IACUC), and rDNA (IBC) compliance
  • supervise and manage the professional development of two direct reports
  • communicate changes in policies, procedures, and strategies to the Department of Pathology research community
  • liaise with intramural and extramural sponsors on grant and contract administration matters
  • handle all confidential matters with appropriate discretion and maintain a standard of professionalism at all times
  • ensure that relevant information is easily accessible to colleagues and the department administrator
  • discuss complex or sensitive issues with the administrator and business manager
  • submit applications to Sponsored Programs Administration on behalf of the department using appropriate software programs
  • maintain schedule to track all active and pending grant submissions
  • adhere to sponsors, deadlines, guidelines, instructions, and policy updates, confirming investigators’ eligibility for each submission

Minimum qualifications include a BA or BS and five years of broad grants administration or other relevant experience in all aspects of proposal review; knowledge of grant policies and regulations for the public and private sectors; ability to meet deadlines; and proficiency in MS Office Suite, including database management, spreadsheets, word processing applications, and online resources. Prior supervisory experience is expected. Excellent organizational, time management, oral, written, communication, and interpersonal skills are required, as is the ability to work with a wide variety of personalities as part of a team.

Please contact Stefanie Castanza at if you are interested in this position.