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NYU Langone–Bellevue Clinical Psychology Internship Clinical Psychology Internship Psychotherapy Training

Clinical Psychology Internship Psychotherapy Training

The NYU Langone–Bellevue Clinical Psychology Internship trains interns in outpatient psychotherapy for individuals, families, or groups of all ages. Trainees participate in year-long supervision activities, both individually and in pairs or small groups.

Individual Psychotherapy Training

Interns conduct individual psychotherapy with adult, child, and adolescent patients. Individual psychotherapy patients come from a variety of clinics and services, and a specific supervisor is assigned for each case. Faculty psychologists provide supervision.

Interns also conduct individual psychotherapy during their inpatient rotation, serving as the primary clinician for two or three patients at a time. Adult Psychology Track interns may also conduct individual psychotherapy through their elective.

Family Therapy Training

Adult Psychology Track interns conduct family therapy through the Family Studies Program at Bellevue. Child and Adolescent Psychology Track interns conduct family therapy at the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone. Interns on the Child and Adolescent Psychology Track may select the Family Studies Program as one of their two electives during their time at the Child Study Center. Interns on the Adult Psychology Track may select to participate in the Family Studies Program or co-lead an outpatient group.

Patients in family therapy include traditional and nontraditional families and couples. Family therapy training provides you with didactic and theoretical instruction, as well as direct and indirect clinical experience. Sessions occur in front of a one-way mirror. Interns receive live supervision and feedback via telephone during sessions, intersession conferences with supervisors and colleagues, and occasional co-therapy with a supervisor.

Interns participate in treatment teams that may include advanced trainees from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and social work under the leadership of two senior supervisors. Interns also have the opportunity to be primary therapist or co-therapist on a case and a member of the observing team for your colleagues’ cases. Interns actively participate in colleagues’ cases through pre- and post-session discussion and the reflecting team process.

The theoretical orientation of the Family Studies Program is systemic, integrative, and collaborative as it incorporates new developments in the field. Training provides a general orientation to family therapy theory and technique through scheduled seminars and readings early in the internship year.

Group Psychotherapy Training

The group psychotherapy component of the internship incorporates both clinical experience and didactic and supervisory instruction in group psychotherapy. Interns have the opportunity to lead groups with diverse clinical populations in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Most rotations and electives include group psychotherapy. These experiences provide interns with opportunities to deliver structured group interventions in diverse settings.

Adult Psychology Track interns may choose to co-lead a psychotherapy group with a staff member throughout the year in the adult outpatient clinic. These groups focus on symptom reduction, skills-building, and psychoeducation. There are groups in both English and Spanish, long-term groups, time-limited groups, and flexible drop-in groups. Group assignments are made at the beginning of the training year, and one hour of supervision is provided weekly by the staff clinician who co-leads the group with the intern.