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Psychiatry Residency Research Program Psychiatry Residency Clinical Research Track

Psychiatry Residency Clinical Research Track

NYU Langone’s Department of Psychiatry is committed to mentoring and assisting qualified residents interested in pursuing clinical and translational research through the Clinical Research Track. This track is for residents who do not have the level of research training and experience to match into the Physician–Scientist Research Track.

The Clinical Research Track allows participants to adapt their schedule in the postgraduate year 3 (PGY-3) and PGY-4 years to pursue clinical research with an identified research mentor. A maximum of two residents are selected through a competitive application process in the spring of PGY-2. This is distinct from the academic projects all psychiatry residents complete by the end of PGY-4.

Track Application Process

Interested residents are required to submit an application and one-page research proposal signed by their prospective research mentor. Applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Psychiatry Residency Research Program.

Track Schedule

The core research program occurs during PGY-3 and PGY-4, with 30 to 40 percent of effort dedicated to research in PGY-3 and 70 to 80 percent in PGY-4, depending on interests and completion of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education core requirements.

Track Requirements

Upon acceptance to the program, participants are required to submit a mentor and mentee agreement form, outlining the expectations of the resident and mentor for the applicant’s research and career development. Each year, participants in the Clinical Research Track submit an updated research proposal and mentor–mentee agreement to be reviewed by the Executive Committee.