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Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine Education Cell Biology Works in Progress

Cell Biology Works in Progress

Due to the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, future talks will be virtual until further notice.

In our Cell Biology PhD Training Program works in progress series, trainees present their ongoing research to faculty and peers at NYU Langone's Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine. Talks take place on Fridays at 10:00AM in the Skirball Institute’s fourth floor seminar room.

If you have questions about our works in progress series or if you are scheduled to present and have to cancel, email Devki Patel, project assistant, at devki.patel@nyulangone.org.

Fall 2020–Spring 2021

September 11, 2020
Works in Progress
Yohana Ghebrechristos, Aifantis Lab
Pan Chen, Davoli Lab

September 18, 2020
Journal Club
Raymond Barry
Erdem Terzi

September 25, 2020
Works in Progress
Joseph Mays, Davoli Lab
Max Haase, Boeke Lab

October 2, 2020
Journal Club
Reuben Moncada
Comzit Opachaloemphan

October 9, 2020
Works in Progress
Kris Walsh, Ryoo Lab
Zhengxi Sun, Aifantis Lab

October 16, 2020
Journal Club
Max Haase
Pan Cheng

October 23, 2020
Works in Progress
Ciara Mendoza, Lu Lab
Kimberly Lucero, Reinberg Lab

October 30, 2020
Journal Club
Joey Mays
Zhengxi Sun

November 6, 2020
Works in Progress
Comzit Opachaloemphan, Reinberg Lab
Sofia Bakogianni, Schneider Lab

November 13, 2020
Journal Club
Kris Walsh
Sudarshan Pinglay

November 20, 2020
Responsible Conduct of Research
Brendan Camellato
Letitia Thompson

December 4, 2020
Journal Club
Beny Shapiro
Sofia Bakogianni

December 11, 2020
Works in Progress
Raymond Barry, Sfeir Lab
Erdem Terzi, Possemato Lab

January 8, 2021
Works in Progress
Reuben Moncada, Yanai Lab
Greg Brittingham, Holt and Fenyö Labs

January 15, 2021
Journal Club
Noor Chalhoub
Jeffrey Granat

January 22, 2021
Works in Progress
Julie Trolle, Boeke Lab
Michael MacLean, Schmidt Lab

January 29, 2021
Journal Club
Greg Brittingham
Yohana Ghebrechristos

February 5, 2021
Works in Progress
Beny Shapiro, Bar-Sagi Lab
Jeffrey Granat, Reinberg Lab

February 12, 2021
Journal Club
Yi Fu
Hailey du Bois

February 19, 2021
Works in Progress
Sudarshan Pinglay, Boeke Lab
Noor Chalhoub, Boeke and Fenyö Labs

February 26, 2021
Journal Club
Colin Konishi
Niklas Boess

March 5, 2021
Rigor and Reproducibility
David Fenyö, PhD

March 12, 2021
Works in Progress
Yi Fu, Sfeir Lab
Hailey du Bois, Lund Lab

March 19, 2021
Responsible Conduct of Research
Michael MacLean
Julie Trolle

March 26, 2021
Journal Club
Cristobal Rivera
Aleah Goldberg

April 2, 2020
Works in Progress
Brendan Camellato, Boeke Lab
Letitia Thompson, Mohr Lab

April 9, 2021
Journal Club
Ciara Mendoza
Jacob Swanson

April 16, 2021
Works in Progress
Lizabeth Katsnelson, Fenyö and Davoli Labs
Niklas Boess, Placantonakis Lab

April 23, 2020
Journal Club
Tania Gonzalez Robles
Ashley Sartorius

April 30, 2021
Works in Progress
Colin Konishi, Long Lab
Aleah Goldberg, Davoli Lab

May 7, 2021
Journal Club
Kimberly Lucero
Nelson Garcia Vazquez

May 14, 2021
Works in Progress
Cristobal Rivera, Ramkhelawon Lab
Jacob Swanson, Lionnet Lab

May 21, 2021
Journal Club
Lizabeth Katsnelson
Nelson Garcia Vazquez

May 28, 2021
Works in Progress
Tania Gonzalez Robles, Pagano Lab
Ashley Sartorius, Salzer Lab