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Institute for Systems Genetics Institute for Systems Genetics Available Positions

Institute for Systems Genetics Available Positions

We are currently inviting applications for tenure-track positions at the assistant and associate professor level. Learn more about the available positions, including instructions on how to apply.

The following principal investigators have open positions available in their laboratories.

Liam Holt’s Research

Utilizing evolutionary analysis and synthetic biology to understand cell signaling, the laboratory of Liam Holt, PhD, examines how control networks rewire during evolution and disease. The laboratory uses a variety of approaches, including the following:

  • resurrection of ancestral kinases to understand their evolution
  • synthetic biology approaches to understand general principles of regulation
  • genetically encoded nanoparticles to elucidate the regulation of subcellular diffusion

Dr. Holt’s laboratory is interested in hiring colleagues with backgrounds in computational and experimental biology, physics, and other quantitative areas. Openings exist for both wet and dry lab work.

To apply, email Dr. Holt at In sending a cover letter with your CV, explain your interests and how they relate to our research. Include why you’re excited to work with us.

The following positions are available with Dr. Holt.

Postdoctoral Fellow

We seek a talented postdoctoral fellow with a PhD in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, or a related field. Several project areas are available. Candidates with both experimental and computational experience are encouraged to apply.

Graduate Student Positions

We are affiliated with NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences PhD program and seek talented graduate students. If you’re interested, contact us to discuss a lab rotation. Both wet and dry lab projects are available, and we always try to combine experimental work with quantitative computational biology.

Matthew Maurano’s Research

The variants emerging from human resequencing studies, coupled with the growing number of common, disease-associated noncoding variants, has created a need for determining the consequences of variation in regulatory DNA. In contrast to the vast diversity of protein function, the elements that regulate gene expression recruit from a shared repertoire of transcription factors, offering the potential for a common regulatory sequence code.

The laboratory of Matthew Maurano, PhD, focuses on the following:

  • noncoding genetic variation affecting transcription factor occupancy and gene expression
  • regulatory variation and the genetics of human diseases and traits
  • long-distance regulation of gene expression in disease, development, and therapies
  • profiling of chromatin features and their relationship to nuclear organization and function
  • high-throughput approaches to assessing transcription factor activity

Our laboratory is on the East Side of Manhattan at NYU Grossman School of Medicine on 29th Street at First Avenue. We’re affiliated with NYU Langone’s Department of Pathology. We welcome international candidates and can sponsor J-1 and H-1B visas. To apply, email Dr. Maurano at

The following positions are available.

Scientific Programmer

We seek a programmer to work on regulatory genomics projects. Candidates should have a degree in a quantitative field and five or more years of experience with the UNIX environment and a language such as Python, R, C, or Java. Coursework in algorithms and data structures, statistical experience, and familiarity with Illumina sequencing data analysis are highly desirable.

A background in biology is a plus, though we also welcome candidates with interest in a new field.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Regulatory Genomics

We seek a talented postdoctoral fellow to work on how noncoding genomic regulatory elements specify cell-type transcriptional regulation and their involvement in the genetics of human traits and diseases. Candidates with both experimental and computational experience are welcome.

Research Technician

We seek a research technician with an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences. This position involves basic molecular techniques including polymerase chain reaction assays and DNA/RNA sample preparation and cloning. Other techniques include basic mammalian tissue culture and transfection, fluorescence-activated cell sorting, nuclease-mediated genome editing (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats/Cas9), chromatin immunoprecipitation, and Illumina sequencing.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates majoring in technical fields should contact Dr. Maurano about internship possibilities. We accept graduate students through Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at NYU Langone.

Marcus Noyes’s Research

Research in the laboratory of Marcus Noyes, PhD, balances systems and synthetic biology to develop tools that allow us to understand the binding potential of common protein domains important for biological functions.

Using comprehensive synthetic screens of protein domains, Dr. Noyes’s research strives to understand the functional capacity of a protein. This approach produces new proteins with novel functions that can be applied to therapeutic applications such as protein inhibition and precise genome editing. Dr. Noyes’s interests include the following:

  • protein–DNA interaction
  • protein–protein interaction
  • protein engineering

To apply, email Dr. Noyes at

The following positions are available with Dr. Noyes.

Postdoctoral Fellow

We seek fellows to develop and apply synthetic tools to understand protein–protein interactions, protein–DNA interactions, and engineering proteins and pathways for therapeutic applications. A PhD in molecular biology or a related field is required. Candidates with computational experience are preferred.

Graduate Students

We’re affiliated with the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at NYU Langone and are always seeking graduate students. Interested candidates should contact Dr. Noyes to discuss a lab rotation. Both wet and dry lab projects are available.