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Department of Ophthalmology Elective Catalog Virtual Ophthalmology Elective

Virtual Ophthalmology Elective

Preceptor: Zachary Elkin, MD 
Contact: Carol Conforme, and Katina During,
Address: 222 East 41st Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10017

Prerequisites: None


This is an online only survey-type course that explores the ophthalmic diagnoses that should be understood by all physicians. Students will explore this content through a series of online lectures, case presentations, and journal articles. Students interested in pursuing a career in ophthalmology or practicing clinical skills are encouraged to take the Introduction to Ophthalmology course offered the first 2 weeks of each block.

Objectives of the Elective

Students should learn about the anatomy of the eye and management of general eye diseases.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective

1. Complete all assigned lectures and activities
2.  Attend all department virtual educational conferences including grand rounds

Method of Evaluation

Students will receive a pass by completing all assigned activities.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: All year
Report To: N/A
Students Per Period: Unlimited
Duration: 2-weeks