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Department of Radiology Elective Catalog Radiology Subspecialty: Radiology–Pathology Elective

Radiology Subspecialty: Radiology–Pathology Elective

Preceptors: Jeffrey Alpert, MD;  Kristen Thomas, MD
Contact: Evelyn Espinosa,
Telephone: (212) 263-6737

Prerequisite: None


The radiology pathology elective is a hybrid 2-week elective course allowing students to integrate cytologic, histologic and surgical pathologic analysis with radiologic imaging. 

Objectives of the Elective

  • Describe and compare characteristic features of benign versus malignant lesions on imaging and pathology.
  • Discuss characteristic appearance of melanoma, carcinoma, sarcoma and lymphoma on imaging and pathology.
  • Compare and contrast cancer staging on imaging and pathology and how it impacts neo-adjuvant treatment.
  • Predict the pathologic diagnosis using anatomy and frequently used histologic stains.
  • Discuss the use of Lung Cancer mutation panel and it’s implication for therapy.
  • Name common indications for cytology analysis.
  • List common post-operative radiologic and pathologic changes following interventional ablation treatments.

Key Responsibilities of the Student

The student must prepare two 10-minute oral PowerPoint presentations of cases seen during the elective, which include pathology slides and companion radiologic images. Presentation must include a brief H&P, which lead to the biopsy/surgical procedure, final diagnosis, 5-10 pearls about the disease entity and a summary of radiation exposure, cost of the diagnostic work-up and references.

Student should log cases observed on the elective into their ALEX patient case log.

Didactic Program

Students will split the day spending half in the pathology lab and half in the radiology reading rooms. Dedicated time reviewing PET CT imaging at the NYU cancer center will also be scheduled. 

Method of Evaluation

Course is graded as pass/fail. 

Scheduling Information

Months offered:  All year except 2 weeks of Jul, Aug, Oct, Dec
Report to: To be determined
Students per period: 1-2
Duration: 2 weeks (may increase to four based on availability)