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Interdepartmental Elective Catalog Practice of Medicine Teaching Academy Elective

Practice of Medicine Teaching Academy Elective

Preceptor: David Kudlowitz, MD

Contact: Norkila Sherpa,

Prerequisites: None

Approval Process: Approval by Dr. Kudlowitz; calls for participation sent periodically prior to the academic year of participation.


During the academic year, senior students provide peer teaching and feedback to junior learners in a variety of settings/forms:

  • POM I seminar sessions, skills workshops, or ‘bedside sessions’ (as below)
  • POM II ‘bedside sessions’- patient recruitment, bedside teaching of Hx and PE, clinical reasoning, verbal and written feedback on oral presentation and written documentation
  • POM I/II skills workshops, clinical reasoning sessions, etc.
  • OSCE (deidentified) note assessment and feedback
  • OSCE and simulation teaching support at NYSIM

Objectives of the Elective

The elective is designed to engage students in core clinical skills teaching and assessment in order to supplement and enrich faculty member instruction to junior learners as well as offer the elective participant the opportunity to hone their own clinical skills and develop their strengths in providing teaching and feedback, which are also key responsibilities of a clinician. There are orientation and reviews sessions related to the specific roles taken to maximize opportunities for growth and participation.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective

  1. Participants must fulfill the minimum hourly requirements for service involvement required by the elective, and submit their logs on time. Students complete a minimum of twelve (12) teaching session blocks (in addition to the introductory and preparatory sessions), which can be fulfilled in a number of ways.
  2. Students will attend the required instructor development activities.
  3. Students must work closely with the elective management team to manage schedules and commitments.

Instructor Development

The elective includes a mandatory introductory session as well as other preparatory sessions or materials related to the specific subject matter. Student Instructors will be expected to review all preparatory materials ahead of time to be ready for the teaching sessions.

Method of Evaluation

Students will receive 2 weeks of elective credit if they complete all required components of the elective as described above. Hours and assignments will be managed by Dr. David Kudlowitz with assistance from Norkila Sherpa, Senior Coordinator.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: All Year

Report To: David Kudlowitz, MD

Students Per Period: Unlimited

Duration: longitudinal, varies throughout academic year*

*The Practice of Medicine Teaching Academy is one of our non-traditional electives that also includes the Service Learning Elective (2 or 4 weeks) and Free Clinic (2 weeks). While students can participate in any, or all, of these electives, the maximum amount of non-traditional elective time that can count towards the graduation elective requirement is 4 weeks.