Our Volunteer programs are funded partially through the Department of Emergency Medicine and partially by grants. Our programs are some of the most immersive and educational in the country and all of our volunteer programs are free. We never charge participants to participate. However, as with any internship or volunteer opportunity, many participants must pay for food and lodging as well as sacrifice employment opportunities to dedicate their time to our programs.

Given this, and with a hope to one day fully fund each volunteer participant, we encourage you to make a donation if you are able by clicking here. Each donation brings us closer to closing the opportunity gap.

Below are the anticipated costs to fund Project Healthcare (prices show reflect summer 2018)

Amount Item
$12,900 Student Interns
$5,000 Application Software
$4,815 Catering
$2,811 Uniform
$2,440 NYU Summer Housing (per participant)
$1,151 CPR Training
$393 Office, Health Fair and Graduation Supplies
$154 Medical Supplies