Patient Advocacy Volunteer in Emergency Room Services


The PAVERS program is a patient advocacy volunteer program for eager and dedicated undergraduates, post-graduates, recent graduates (within 2 years of graduating), and post-baccalaureate students interested in healthcare and medicine from all colleges and universities (i.e. admittance is not solely for NYU students).The PAVERS program offers students the opportunity to gain patient interaction experience, and learn about medicine through Emergency Department observation, approved structured tasks, and a series of monthly lectures. PAVERS rotate through various clinical areas of Bellevue Hospital Center’s Emergency Department: Adult Emergency Services, Pediatric Emergency Services, and Urgent Care. During these rotations, PAVERS will assist patients, physicians, nurses, and staff. The most important aspect of the PAVERS program is patient advocacy; participants should expect to spend the majority of their time interacting with and supporting patients.

Requirements and Commitment

PAVERS are required to commit to volunteer for a minimum of one academic year (two semesters). The PAVERS program does not take place during the summer. The time commitment is two four-hour shifts per week, plus one three-hour monthly meeting. Due to undergraduate schedules, monthly meetings typically occur on Fridays (please have availability on this day of the week). In general, the following blocks of time are available for volunteer shifts, seven days per week:

Four-hour shifts: 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm, 8pm-12am

Again, participants will have two shifts per week within these time frames. Shifts are set as standing schedules; therefore, PAVERS will have the same schedule week-to-week, per semester. Participants will decide which shifts they prefer and design their own schedule.

All rules and attendance requirements for the program will be strictly enforced. Failure to abide by the rules will result in the participant’s termination from the program.

2019 - 2020 Program

The application for the PAVERS 2019 fall term is now closed.

The fall term of PAVERS will begin on Monday, September 16th and end on Friday, December 20th for a total of 14 weeks. Mandatory orientation for the fall term will be Sunday, September 16th (you must be available for orientation to apply to PAVERS).

The spring term of PAVERS will begin Monday, January 20th and end on Friday, May 1st for a total of 15 weeks. Mandatory orientation for the spring term will be Sunday, January 12th (you must be available for orientation to apply to PAVERS).

All PAVERS are expected to complete both semesters of the PAVERS program. Those beginning in the fall semester are expected to participate the following spring.

Application Process

The application process is described here.


All applications will require: online form, CV/resume, essay, photo, and two letters of recommendation.


Should you have any questions, please email Anthony Orneta at