Otology and Neurotology Fellowship

The Neurotology Fellowship is based at NYU Langone Medical Center and two nearby affiliate hospitals, Bellevue Hospital and the Manhattan VA. All three institutions are only blocks apart and provide an excellent opportunity to train and learn. Otology and Neurotology surgical cases are performed daily, in which the fellow is an active participant. The fellow's primary clinic responsibility is the half-day Bellevue subspecialty otology/neurotology clinic, which takes place at Bellevue every Monday morning.

Basic and translational research opportunities are abundant. Fellows are encouraged to participate in projects in the Acoustic Research Laboratory, the Cochlear Implant and Auditory Brainstem Implant Center, and the Otology Genetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory. Additionally, numerous clinical studies related to management and outcomes are completed each year. The Neurotology Fellow is expected to present a research paper at a regional or national meeting. Submission for and acquisition of grant funding is strongly encouraged. The faculty actively participates in national and international meetings, and the fellow has ample opportunity to participate in these events.

The operative experience involves participation in otology and neurotology cases at Bellevue and the Veterans Administration Hospital. The Fellow will act as supervisor on resident cases where appropriate. At Tisch Hospital, he/she scrubs on otology/neurotology/skull base surgery operations such as acoustic neuromas (middle fossa, retro-sigmoid and translabyrinthine approaches), other skull base tumors, vestibular surgery, facial nerve surgery, glomus tumors, and cochlear/brainstem implants. Chronic ear surgery and stapes surgery is also frequently performed. Clinical experience consists of supervising the otology/neurotology clinics and inpatient cases at Bellevue and the Veterans Administration Hospital under the supervision of the attending staff. The opportunity to participate in the outpatient otology/neurotology practice with Drs. Roland.

Teaching responsibilities will include organizing the monthly neurotology/neuroradiology/skull base surgery conference in conjunction with the attending and resident staffs, participating with faculty in the two-year otolaryngology resident curriculum, participation in temporal bone courses for the house staff, and teaching of temporal bone and lateral skull base anatomy to medical students and residents.

The defined curriculum includes instruction in clinical and surgical Otology and Neurotology, Audiology, and fundamentals of vestibular studies and rehabilitation. The fellow is closely mentored through the two-year fellowship to ensure mastery of these fundamentals.

The salary and benefits will be appropriate for the Fellow's PGY year with fellow/chief resident supplement. Funding for attendance at conferences and courses relevant to fundamentals of Otology and Neurotology is available.

Members of the Division

J. Thomas Roland, Jr., MD, FACS – Chairman of the Department
David Friedmann, MD, FACS
Paul Hammerschlag, MD, FACS
Daniel Jethanamest, MD, FACS

How to Apply

Download our Application Form

Thank you for your interest in our fellowship program. In addition to our application form, we request the following items:

  • Two photographs
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • A copy of your MD degree
  • A letter from the Chairman of your Department
  • A copy of your New York State License, if available
  • A copy of any recent publications
  • A transcript of your medical school records

The opportunity to participate in the outpatient Otology/Neurotology practice with Drs. Roland Jethanamest and Friedmann.

The application period for our two-year fellowship beginning July 2018 has been firmly set from December 5, 2016 through June 30, 2017.  Applications received after that time for the 2018 fellowship program will be returned.

We will only contact applicants about the possibility of an interview after they have submitted a complete application. We must receive all requested items listed above in order to mark your application as complete.

Questions should be directed to Dieann Sangster at (212) 263-6344.