Adriana Weisleder

Adriana Weisleder, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

child development, bilingualism, developmental-behavioral pediatrics

I am a developmental psychologist and an assistant professor in the Bellevue Project for Early Language, Literacy and Education Success. My research seeks to understand and address poverty-related disparities in children’s development and school readiness by examining the mechanisms by which environment shapes early brain and child development. I also create and evaluate preventive interventions and adapt such interventions to different cultural contexts, both nationally and internationally. 

My research focuses on how early home environments—in particular parent-child interactions—facilitate the development of language, cognitive, and social-emotional capacities that are implicated in academic achievement. I use innovative speech analysis technology to investigate the natural language environments of children from diverse backgrounds in order to better understand how experience shapes language development. I am also a part of the research team for the Video Interaction Project, a pediatric primary-care intervention designed to promote school readiness in low-income children by enhancing parent–child interactions.

Academic office

462 First Ave, Bellevue Hospital

A 529

New York, NY

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Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

PhD from Stanford University

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