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Allison K. Ungar, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

MD from University of Pittsburgh

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Substance use and addictive disorders

Ungar, Allison K; Konova, Anna B; Patel, Alkesh; Goldstein, Rita Z; Hurd, Yasmin L

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Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez, M; Mahon, Katie; Russo, Manuela; Ungar, Allison K; Burdick, Katherine E

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[Kotowski, J; Wollstein, G; Ungar, AK; Schuman, Joel S]

Focal Points 2013 : Glaucoma progression: Structure and function. [S.l.] : Academy Store, 2013. 1 v. (1900742)

Alexeenko, Lada; Patel, Alkesh N; Ungar, Allison K

Psychiatric annals. 2013 Sep; 43(9):395-398

Ungar, Allison K; Wollstein, Gadi; Ishikawa, Hiroshi; Folio, Lindsey S; Ling, Yun; Bilonick, Richard A; Noecker, Robert J; Xu, Juan; Kagemann, Larry; Mattox, Cynthia; Schuman, Joel S

Ophthalmic surgery, lasers & imaging. 2012 Sep-Oct; 43(5):416-24

Wollstein, Gadi; Kagemann, Larry; Bilonick, Richard A; Ishikawa, Hiroshi; Folio, Lindsey S; Gabriele, Michelle L; Ungar, Allison K; Duker, Jay S; Fujimoto, James G; Schuman, Joel S

British journal of ophthalmology. 2012 Jan; 96(1):47-52