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Allison V. Coombs, D.O.

Clinical Instructor, Department of Ophthalmology

D.O. from New York Institute of Technology

Woman with COVID develops bilateral periorbital pain, edema

Coombs, Allison V; Vuong, Laurel N

Ocular surgery news. 2022 Feb 25;

Coombs, Allison V; Reichel, Elias

Reichel's Care of the Elderly : Clinical Aspects of Aging. [S.l.] : Cambridge University Press, 2022. 8th ed. p.524-535. (5298122)

Woman presents with blurred peripheral vision, pulsatile tinnitus and headaches

Coombs, Allison V; Martin-Paez, Yosbelkys

Ocular surgery news. 2021 Aug 18;

Woman presents with worsening diplopia

Coombs, Allison V; Yoo, Sylvia H

Ocular surgery news. 2021 March 25;

Man presents with red, painful eye after foreign body injury

Coombs, Allison V; Rao, Naveen K

Ocular surgery news. 2020 Nov 03;

Woman referred for blurred vision, retro-orbital headache

Coombs, Allison V; Vuong, Laurel N

Ocular surgery news. 2020 Jul 21; ?

Elderly woman presents with presumed orbital cellulitis

Coombs, Allison; Athappilly, Geetha

Ocular surgery news. 2020 Jan 08;

Osteopathic Considerations in the Infections of the Respiratory Tract

Yao, Sheldon; Mikhail, Nardine; Koutsouras, George; Coombs, Allison; Terzella, Michael J

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