Andrew W. Varga, MD, PhD

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Medicine

sleep, memory, aging, neurodegenerative disease

Dr. Varga has a longstanding interest in mechanisms of learning and memory and the role of sleep in memory consolidation. He has an active research program both on the systems level in human subjects and on the molecular level in collaboration with Dr. Eric Klann at NYU's Center for Neural Science. His clinical interests involve all areas of sleep medicine with particular interest in movement disorders in sleep (RLS, REM Behavior Disorder), sleep in neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson Disease), and generalized cognitive deficits as a function of fragmented sleep.

These focus areas and their associated publications are derived from medical subject headings from PubMed.
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Adjunct Instructor, Department of Medicine

MD from New York Medical College

PhD from Baylor College of Medicine

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