Chad Carlson, MD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology

tuberous sclerosis, complex surgical treatment of medically refractory epilepsy, correlation of non-Invasive methods of functional imaging (MEG/fMRI) with invasive functional testing (Wada/mapping), MRI volumetric / morphometric analysis for epilepsy localization


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Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology

MD from University of Wisconsin

Fellowship, NYU School of Medicine , Clinical Neurophysiology/Epilepsy Fellowship

Residency, University of Iowa Hospital , Neurology Residency

Dugan, Patricia; Carlson, Chad; Jette, Nathalie; Wiebe, Samuel; Bunch, Marjorie; Kuzniecky, Ruben; French, Jacqueline

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Use of Interpreter and Test Duration During IAP in Non-Native English Speakers [Meeting Abstract]

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Outcomes of bilateral diagnostic intracranial EEG in non-lateralized treatment resistant epilepsy [Meeting Abstract]

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Stefanidou, Maria; Carlson, Chad; Friedman, Daniel

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