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Dirk Trauner, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology

photopharmacology, optogenetics, channels, transporters, GPCRs, cytoskeleton, molecular neuroscience, electrophysiology

Neuroscience is one of the most exciting fields of research and synthetic chemistry can contribute much to its further development. Our current focus lies on the functional manipulation of ion channels, GPCRs, and transporters with synthetic photoswitches.

The artificial photoreceptors so obtained can be inserted into neurons and other cell types and can be used to control various biological pathways with light (Photopharmacology). One of our major biological goals is the restoration of vision in the blind using synthetic photoswitches.
The reach of photopharmacology, however, goes well beyond applications in neuroscience and sensory physiology. It is already clear that this approach is very useful for controlling the highly dynamic systems that underlie cell motility, cell division and (unwanted) proliferation. As such, photopharmacology provides powerful tools for cell biology and could open a new direction in precision medicine.

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PhD from University of Vienna

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