Francesca M. Gany, MD

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

immigrant health and health disparities
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Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

MD from Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Gany, Francesca; Bari, Sehrish; Prasad, Lakshmi; Leng, Jennifer; Lee, Trevor; Thurston, George D; Gordon, Terry; Acharya, Sudha; Zelikoff, Judith T

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Gany, Francesca; Lee, Trevor; Loeb, Rebecca; Ramirez, Julia; Moran, Alyssa; Crist, Michael; McNish, Thelma; Leng, Jennifer C F

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Use of a Novel Food Insecurity Intervention, Hospital-Based Food Pantries, Among Low-income Urban Cancer Patients [Meeting Abstract]

Gany, Francesca; Thelma, Michael; Leng, Jennifer; Moran, Alyssa; Crist, Michael; McNish, Thelma; Loeb, Rebecca; Leng, Jennifer

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Gany, Francesca; Novo, Patricia; Dobslaw, Rebecca; Leng, Jennifer

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