Johnny Lee, MD

Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine

Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine

MD from Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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Novel robotic catheter system demonstrates safetyand efficacy [Meeting Abstract]

Khan, E M; Frumkin, W; Ng, G A; Neelagaru, S; Abi-Samra, F M; Lee, J; Giudici, M; Gohn, D; Winkle, R A; Sussman, J; Knight, B P; Berman, A; Calkins, H

Heart rhythm. 2012 May; 9(5):S311-S311

What matters during a hypotensive episode: Fluids, vasopressors, or both? [Meeting Abstract]

Lee, J; Kothari, R; Ladapo, J A; Scott, D J; Celi, L A

Critical care. 2012 Mar 20; 16:S72-S72

Sharma, Samin K; Choudhury, Ahsan; Lee, Johnny; Kim, Michael C; Fisher, Edward; Steinheimer, Angelica M; Kini, Annapoorna S

American journal of cardiology. 2004 Oct 01; 94(7):913-917

Lee, Johnny

Mount Sinai journal of medicine. 2002 Sep; 69(4):232-241