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Leland R. Soiefer

Leland R. Soiefer, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Clin Advisor,Value-Based Care,H+H Central Office

MD from New York University

Nazzal, Lama; Soiefer, Leland; Chang, Michelle; Tamizuddin, Farah; Schatoff, Daria; Cofer, Lucas; Aguero-Rosenfeld, Maria E; Matalon, Albert; Meijers, Bjorn; Holzman, Robert; Lowenstein, Jerome

Kidney international reports. 2021 Aug; 6(8):2122-2133

Choi, Justin J; Contractor, Jigar H; Shaw, Amy L; Abdelghany, Youmna; Frye, Jesse; Renzetti, Madelyn; Smith, Emily; Soiefer, Leland R; Lu, Shuting; Kingery, Justin R; Krishnan, Jamuna K; Levine, William J; Safford, Monika M; Shapiro, Martin F

Journal of patient safety. 2021 06 01; 17(4):264-269

Etinger, Aleksey; Kumar, Sumit; Ackley, William; Soiefer, Leland; Chun, Jonathan; Singh, Prabjhot; Grossman, Eric; Matalon, Albert; Holzman, Robert S; Meijers, Bjorn; Lowenstein, Jerome

PLoS one. 2018 Apr; 13(2):e0192770

When doctors get personal

Soiefer, Leland

Clinical correlations : The NYU Internal Medicine Blog. 2017 Aug 18;

Ackley, William; Soiefer, Leland; Etinger, Aleksey; Lowenstein, Jerome

Aspects of dialysis. (5241142)