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Paolo G. Mignatti

Paolo G. Mignatti, MD

Research Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

growth factors and proteinases in tumor invasion and angiogenesis
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MD from University of Pavia

Attur, Mukundan; Lu, Cuijie; Zhang, Xiaodong; Han, Tianzhen; Alexandre, Cassidy; Valacca, Cristina; Zheng, Shuai; Meikle, Sarina; Dabovic, Branka Brukner; Tassone, Evelyne; Yang, Qing; Kolupaeva, Victoria; Yakar, Shoshana; Abramson, Steven; Mignatti, Paolo

iScience. 2020 Dec 18; 23(12):101789

Han, Tianzhen; Mignatti, Paolo; Abramson, Steven B; Attur, Mukundan

PLoS one. 2020 Jan; 15(4):e0231501

Winer, Arthur; Adams, Sylvia; Mignatti, Paolo

Molecular cancer therapeutics. 2018 Jun; 17(6):1147-1155

Harbi, Shaghayegh; Park, Hannah; Gregory, Michael; Lopez, Peter; Chiriboga, Luis; Mignatti, Paolo

Lymphatic research & biology. 2017 06; 15(2):153-165

Harbi, Shaghayegh; Wang, Rong; Gregory, Michael; Hanson, Nicole; Kobylarz, Keith; Ryan, Kamilah; Deng, Yan; Lopez, Peter; Chiriboga, Luis; Mignatti, Paolo

Scientific reports. 2016 10 27; 6:35811

Winer, Arthur; Janosky, Maxwell; Harrison, Beth; Zhong, Judy; Moussai, Dariush; Siyah, Pinar; Schatz-Siemers, Nina; Zeng, Jennifer; Adams, Sylvia; Mignatti, Paolo

Molecular cancer therapeutics. 2016 10; 15(10):2370-2377

Greenhouse, David G; Murphy, Alison; Mignatti, Paolo; Zavadil, Jiri; Galloway, Aubrey C; Balsam, Leora B

Gene. 2016 Jul 15; 586(1):56-61

Mazzieri, Roberta; Pietrogrande, Giovanni; Gerasi, Laura; Gandelli, Alessandro; Colombo, Piergiuseppe; Moi, Davide; Brombin, Chiara; Ambrosi, Alessandro; Danese, Silvio; Mignatti, Paolo; Blasi, Francesco; D'Alessio, Silvia

Cancer research. 2015 Nov 15; 75(22):4895-909