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Ruijun Bao, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine

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Lin, Ying; Williams, Nori; Wang, Dawei; Coetzee, William; Zhou, Bo; Eng, Lucy S; Um, Sung Yon; Bao, Ruijun; Devinsky, Orrin; McDonald, Thomas V; Sampson, Barbara A; Tang, Yingying

Circulation: Cardiovascular genetics. 2017 Dec; 10(6):

Pasquale-Styles, Melissa A; Regensburg, Margaret; Bao, Ruijun

Academic forensic pathology. 2017 Dec; 7(4):536-550

Reigada, Laura C; Satpute, Ankita; Hoogendoorn, Claire J; Cohen, Barry H; Lai, Joanne; Bao, Ruijun; Dubinsky, Marla C; Benkov, Keith J

Inflammatory bowel diseases. 2016 09; 22(9):2127-33

Rosen, Danya; Schneider, Rachael; Bao, Ruijun; Burke, Patrice; Ceballos, Clare; Hoffstadter-Thal, Kathy; Benkov, Keith

Journal of parenteral & enteral nutrition. JPEN. 2016 Mar; 40(3):350-4

Analysis of Clinical Characters of Cantu Syndrome: Etiology and High Penetrance of Cardiovascular Phenotypes

Ma, Lijiang; Bao, Ruijun

Jacobs journal of internal medicine. 2015 Jul 15; 1(1):?-?

The Genetics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Bao, Ruijun; Ma, Lijiang

Jacobs journal of internal medicine. 2015 Jun 27; 1(1):?-?

Reigada, Laura C; Hoogendoorn, Claire J; Walsh, Lindsay C; Lai, Joanne; Szigethy, Eva; Cohen, Barry H; Bao, Ruijun; Isola, Kimberly; Benkov, Keith J

Journal of pediatric gastroenterology & nutrition. JPGN. 2015 Jan; 60(1):30-5