Ruth S. Nussenzweig, MD, PhD

Research Professor, Department of Pathology

Professor Emerita of Microbiology and Pathology, Department of Microbiology

development of experimental basis for malaria vaccine, immunoparasitology, mechanisms of protection

We seek to elucidate the molecular basis of the immunological effector mechanisms of acquired malaria resistance in experimental animal models, individuals living in malaria endemic areas, and vaccinated human volunteers. We study both humoral and cellular protective mechanisms, including the relative role and mode of action of antibodies, cytotoxic T cells, and interferon and other cytokines on the distinct developmental stages of malarial parasites.

Most recently our research has been focused on a recombinant of the Yellow Fever vaccine expressing "foreign" microbial sequences.

This novel experimental approach has the advantage of requiring a single immunizing dose and eliciting a long lasting protection (> 4 months in mice).

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Research Professor, Department of Pathology

Professor Emerita of Microbiology and Pathology, Department of Microbiology

PhD from University of S?o Paulo

MD from University of S?o Paulo

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