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Thomas Thesen, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

neuroimaging, epilepsy, multisensory integration, magnetoencephalography, functional MRI, intracranial EEG, imaging

Lab web site:

Academic office

225 East 34th Street

First Floor

New York, NY 10016

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Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

PhD from University of Oxford

Fellowship, University of California, Research Fellow

Gabriel, Paolo Gutierrez; Chen, Kenny; Alasfour, Abdulwahab; Pailla, Tejaswy; Doyle, Werner; Devinsky, Orrin; Friedman, Daniel; Dugan, Patricia; Melloni, Lucia; Thesen, Thomas; Gonda, David; Sattar, Shifteh; Wang, Sonya; Gilja, Vikash

Journal of neural engineering. 2019 Oct 30; 16(6):066026

Blackmon, Karen; Barr, William B; Morrison, Chris; MacAllister, William; Kruse, Michelle; Pressl, Christina; Wang, Xiuyuan; Dugan, Patricia; Liu, Anli A; Halgren, Eric; Devinsky, Orrin; Thesen, Thomas

Epilepsy & behavior. 2019 Jun 07; 97:34-43

Hakimi, Mathew; Ardekani, Babak A; Pressl, Christina; Blackmon, Karen; Thesen, Thomas; Devinsky, Orrin; Kuzniecky, Ruben I; Pardoe, Heath R

Epilepsy research. 2019 May 24; 154:157-162

Alasfour, Abdulwahab; Gabriel, Paolo; Jiang, Xi; Shamie, Isaac; Melloni, Lucia; Thesen, Thomas; Dugan, Patricia; Friedman, Daniel; Doyle, Werner; Devinsky, Orin; Gonda, David; Sattar, Shifteh; Wang, Sonya; Halgren, Eric; Gilja, Vikash

Journal of neural engineering. 2019 Feb; 16(1):016021

Sinha, Nishant; Wang, Yujiang; Dauwels, Justin; Kaiser, Marcus; Thesen, Thomas; Forsyth, Rob; Taylor, Peter Neal

NeuroImage: Clinical. 2019 Jan 11; 21:101655

Pressl, Christina; Brandner, Philip; Schaffelhofer, Stefan; Blackmon, Karen; Dugan, Patricia; Holmes, Manisha; Thesen, Thomas; Kuzniecky, Ruben; Devinsky, Orrin; Freiwald, Winrich A

Epilepsy research. 2019 Jan; 149:37-43

Auksztulewicz, Ryszard; Schwiedrzik, Caspar M; Thesen, Thomas; Doyle, Werner; Devinsky, Orrin; Nobre, Anna C; Schroeder, Charles E; Friston, Karl J; Melloni, Lucia

Journal of neuroscience. 2018 Oct 03; 38(40):8680-8693

Lohnas, Lynn J; Duncan, Katherine; Doyle, Werner K; Thesen, Thomas; Devinsky, Orrin; Davachi, Lila

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 2018 07 31; 115(31):E7418-E7427