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Valerie R. Newsome

Valerie R. Newsome, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health


Dr. Valerie Newsome is a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Health and Behavior, where she merges her background in Psychology (Florida A&M University; B.S., M.S.) and Biobehavioral Health (Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D.) to investigate the socio-cultural drivers of health behavior.  She has worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology and Health and Nutrition Sciences, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the NIH/NIDA funded Behavioral Sciences Training Program at National Development and Research Institutes with a research focus in HIV prevention among African-Americans. Dr. Newsome completed training in the NIH/NINDS funded Center for Stroke Disparities Solutions (CSDS) Training and Mentoring Institute as a postdoctoral fellow at NYU Langone Medical Center. She is engaged in two major areas of research; 1) addressing sociocultural, environmental, and structural determinants of chronic disease disparities in communities of color, where her work identifies barriers to and facilitators of health behavior for the development of culturally appropriate health interventions, and 2) increasing health literacy around clinical trial participation among minorities using a culturally-tailored approach. 

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

PhD from Penn State University