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Xavier Guell Paradis, MD, PhD

Clinical Instructor, Department of Neurology

Cerebellum, Movement Disorders, Neurology, Systems Neuroscience

My research focus is on systems neuroscience of the cerebellum. My academic work described a triple representation of nonmotor function in the human cerebellum using functional MRI analyses, unmasked the functional gradients that define its macroscale organization, and used these novel neuroanatomy principles to better understand cerebellar abnormalities in multiple patient populations. In the domain of behavioral analyses, my research described new patterns of language, social cognition, and other cognitive abnormalities in patients with cerebellar injury. Following postdoctoral research training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Neurology residency training at Harvard Medical School, and Movement Disorders Fellowship at NYU, my academic goal is to connect cerebellar neuroscience to patient care in Neurology and Movement Disorders.

PhD from Autonomous Uni-Barcelona

Residency, Harvard Medical School (Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital), Neurology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

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