Selected Publications

Redefining the role of Broca's area in speech
Flinker, Adeen; Korzeniewska, Anna; Shestyuk, Avgusta Y; Franaszczuk, Piotr J; Dronkers, Nina F; Knight, Robert T; Crone, Nathan E
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 2015 Mar 03; 112(9):2871-2875

Single-trial speech suppression of auditory cortex activity in humans
Flinker, Adeen; Chang, Edward F; Kirsch, Heidi E; Barbaro, Nicholas M; Crone, Nathan E; Knight, Robert T
Journal of neuroscience. 2010 Dec 08; 30(49):16643-16650

Sub-centimeter language organization in the human temporal lobe
Flinker, A; Chang, E F; Barbaro, N M; Berger, M S; Knight, R T
Brain & language. 2011 Jun; 117(3):103-109

A Cool Approach to Probing Speech Cortex [Comment]
Flinker, Adeen; Knight, Robert T
Neuron. 2016 Mar 16; 89(6):1123-1125

Human Screams Occupy a Privileged Niche in the Communication Soundscape
Arnal, Luc H; Flinker, Adeen; Kleinschmidt, Andreas; Giraud, Anne-Lise; Poeppel, David
Current biology. CB. 2015 Aug 03; 25(15):2051-2056

Reconstructing speech from human auditory cortex
Pasley, Brian N; David, Stephen V; Mesgarani, Nima; Flinker, Adeen; Shamma, Shihab A; Crone, Nathan E; Knight, Robert T; Chang, Edward F
PLoS biology. 2012 Jan 31; 10(1):e1001251-e1001251e1001251

Spatial-temporal functional mapping of language at the bedside with electrocorticography
Babajani-Feremi, Abbas; Wheless, James W; Papanicolaou, James W; Wang, Yujing; Fifer, Matthew S; Flinker, Adeen; Korzeniewska, Anna; Cervenka, Mackenzie C; Anderson, William S; Boatman-Reich, Dana F; Crone, Nathan E
Neurology. 2016 Dec 13; 87(24):2604-2604

Differential Sources for 2 Neural Signatures of Target Detection: An Electrocorticography Study
Kam, JWY; Szczepanski, SM; Canollty, RT; Flinker, A; Auguste, KI; Crone, NE; Kirsch, HE; Kuperman, RA; Lin, JJ; Parvizi, J; Knight, RT
Cerebral cortex. 2016 Nov 22;