About Us

Experience the Spirit of Caring

We provide care that is world renowned for excellence.  In its 2007 rankings, U.S. News and World Report scored the hospital’s Orthopaedics service the 10th best in the nation and its Rheumatology service the 11th best.  A small hospital feel in the middle of the nation’s largest and busiest city, truly provides nurses at the Hospital for Joint Diseases with the best of both worlds.  It is for this reason that many nurses seek employment – and many continue to stay – at this highly regarded facility.

Professional Practice Model

Our professional practice model in nursing is a two-pronged model consisting of a nursing care delivery model and shared governance model. We believe that our model demonstrates unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction and a healthful work environment for both patients and staff.

Nursing Care Delivery Model

Core Practice Principles
The development and endorsement of practice principles are essential in creating standards that reflect the core values of the organization.  The organizing principles of the Professional Practice model at HJD are:

  • Nursing care will be patient-oriented, relationship based, resource-efficient and outcome-driven.
  • Standards and leadership behaviors will guide all members of the nursing care team in responsibilities to patients and one another.

These principles are organized around the four core elements of a professional practice care delivery system: responsibility for decision-making, work assignments and relationships, communication between staff, and the role of management.  There are two additional principles relating to the practice environment:  process improvement, and caring, healing milieus.   View the Core Practice Principles.

Shared Governance Model

A councilor model is used to realize the goal of shared-governance.  The model embraces the principles of collaboration, partnership, teamwork, equity, responsibility, accountability, and ownership.  Utilizing the model, nurses are creating one vision/voice for nursing practice, expressing and managing their practice with a higher level of professional autonomy; and influencing patient care and outcomes as they relate to the vision, mission, and goals of the organization.

Shared Governance Model

Nurses throughout the organization serve on the following five nursing councils:

  • The Recruitment and Retention Council: Creates and sustains a nursing climate/culture that
    is supportive of healthful practice/work environment that will attract and retain high caliber nurses.
  • The Education/Standards/Research Council: Strengthens nursing practice through education,
    standards development, and research utilization.
  • The Quality Council: Focuses on continuous improvement of patient care.
  • Unit Practice Council: Focuses on improving patient care/nursing practice at the unit level.
  • Coordinating Council: Provides support and resources to all Councils.